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Our team at On The Move Investigations is ready to assist you in any investigation you need help with. Our team is comprised of skilled and dedicated professionals with decades of prior law enforcement experience, specific to the handling of a wide variety of police investigations.  We're serious about our work, holding all information provided by clients in strict confidence.  Our goal is to ensure our clients can make sound and informed decisions based on the information we provide them through our investigative findings.


Life moves pretty fast and time is not on your side. When you need assistance outside of law enforcement, On The Move Investigations can help you seek out the information and truths you desire. Give us a call today for your free consultation to see how we can help you. 

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Infidelity Investigation

If you suspect infidelity, more often than not, your suspicions are correct. Seeking assistance from a P.I. to determine if your suspicions are real or not is nothing to feel embarrassed about.  It's natural to seek confirmation of your suspicions. After all, you have invested so much of yourself into your relationship on multiple fronts; emotionally, physically and even financially.  

Call us today for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your situation so we can better assess if a professional investigation is warranted. 


Child Custody Investigation

Newly divorced?  Does your ex-spouse have a new love interest? Has your ex hired a new nanny to assist them with looking after your children?  It's important to know what's going on with your children when outside of your immediate care.  A child custody investigation is the best way to find out.

A P.I. can help by conducting confidential surveillance on the ex or newly introduced care-giver to your children. Call us today for a free consultation and take a proactive approach in ensuring your children are safe and secure when they're not in your immediate care.  


Elder Welfare Investigation

Knowing who is taking care of your parents or your grandparents is vital to their overall health, well being and longevity. Having trust in the people whom they call their friends should be of utmost importance to prevent your elderly loved ones from being taken advantage of. 


Elder abuse is defined as "an intentional act or failure to act that causes or creates a risk of harm to an older adult (60 yrs+). The abuse occurs at the hands of a caregiver or a person the elder trusts."


Elder abuse is a serious crime that warrants immediate notification to law enforcement. But when law enforcement cannot collect enough evidence to prove the abuse due to lack of time and resources, hiring a P.I. is your next option. 

We can assist you with an Elder Welfare Investigation. If you suspect the abuse is physical, sexual, emotional / psychological, financial, or as a result of neglect and abandonment by caregivers, call us today to discuss your situation. 

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Internal Theft Workplace Investigation

The price of doing business should never be at the expense of a dishonest employee.  Workplace theft can equate to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in losses.  

Hiring a P.I. to conduct your workplace investigation is the first step in taking action to end the theft, further protecting your company's assets and it's reputation. 

If you suspect internal theft at the hands of an employee, contact us today to discuss your situation.


Missing Persons Investigation 

A birth mother or father, siblings or children lost through adoption, a runaway teen, a long lost friend, an endangered dependent adult, a witness to a crime; these are some of the reasons to conduct a Missing Persons Investigation.  However, it's important to note that the search to locate parties could involve persons who may not want to be found. 

OTMI has access to extensive nationwide databases, some utilized by law enforcement agencies that include vast amounts of personally identifiable information data.  


Contact us today to discuss your situation in locating a missing person.


Personal Background Check

While there are many low cost websites that advertise background check services on the internet, these sites often reveal erroneous and unreliable information.  OTMI utilizes the most current, up-to-date databases available to conduct research. 


Age, address history, marital status, driving record, criminal prosecutions or convictions, debt problems, bankruptcies, tax liens, judgements, notices of default, SSN validity, aliases, prior marriage(s), previous lawsuits and more, can be learned from a background check. 

To find out if someone is being truthful about their past or not, a P.I. can trace back the history of an individual in question and decipher fact versus fiction.  Often used in dating situations, screening of nannies, housekeepers, or personal assistants, call us today to discuss your situation and need for our background check services. 

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Internet Crimes Against Children / Cyber Bullying 

In today's world, most young children and teenagers are equipped with smart phones.  As a parent or guardian, you may not always know who your children are interacting with on a daily basis. Technology coupled with naiveness often leads to the perfect storm for children becoming targets of victimization in many different circumstances.  

From online predators who are into pedophilia, to your child's peers who can cause psychological harm via cyber bullying, OTMI can work with you in identifying these potential threats to your children.

If you suspect your child may be in danger through their online activity, give us a call today to discuss your situation. 


Human Trafficking 

Human Trafficking can affect families any time, in any given place across the U.S.  It's one of the most prevalent crimes happening today and more often than not, victims are trapped in an endless cycle of abuse and harm either by their traffickers or by the persons "buying" their "services". 


Family members who've lost a loved one to a life in human trafficking often feel they lack adequate response and support from law enforcement.  As a result, they hire a P.I. to conduct an investigation.

If you believe or know someone you love is involved in a human trafficking situation, give us a call today to discuss your case. 


Personal Asset Check 

Asset searches can be a basic search of public records to a very thorough and comprehensive investigation, which can reveal hidden assets and offshore accounts.  They can help locate hidden family assets after a family member's passing or to help your attorney uncover a spouse's hidden accounts or other assets for divorce proceedings.  


They can also reveal the financial profiles of individuals or businesses, and highlight the trustworthiness of a potential business or business partner. Knowing this information could potentially save you from a bad investment; or it can even prepare you for filing a lawsuit by checking the assets of an individual or business you are pursuing legal action against. 

Hiring a P.I. is essential to assist with a deep dive in uncovering those hidden and often hard to find assets. Call us today to discuss your situation and potential need for a personal asset check. 

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Self Check Investigation

The use of background checks in employment practices has escalated exponentially, with over 90% of employers using 

background checks for hiring purposes.  A Self Check allows for

insight on what potential employers may gather about you. Having the ability to evaluate the accuracy of the data, omit any errors, and handle disclosure of sensitive information during the hiring process. This leverage could help facilitate a successful outcome.  

You'll be better prepared in your interview process to answer questions surrounding the information gathered from online sources about you. 

OTMI will review your self check data results with you and provide tips on cleaning up erroneous information and sensitive material obtained about you. 

Don't delay.  Call us today to get your Self Check started.  

We are here to assist you.

Contact us at (540)-676-5606 to speak with a licensed private investigator today.


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